Twenty weeks...the halfway point


Sarah 8:23 AM  

Awww this photo just about made me cry!!! You have a beautiful sillhouette. You're one of those graceful pregnant women! (compared to me, I'm just dumpy and bumpy when I'm pregnant) lol :)

tracey 9:03 AM  

Sarah, you're so sweet! Graceful? I like hearing that! You should have seen me trying to take the photos, though...I think the in-between times were anything but graceful. =)

jamie lang 1:14 AM  

beautiful indeed - pregnancy is always fantastic to view, especially when it's not me being the one pregnant. Congrats on 20 wks!

Rachel 10:16 AM  

this is awesome! How did you take it??

tracey 10:43 AM  

Thanks Jamie! It's gone by pretty fast! =)

Thank you as well, Rachel. Well, this was probably more simple than it looks (we photogs are tricky, aren't we?) I wanted some basic backlighting, and since I don't have lots of fancy-shmancy equipment I improvised and used a torchiere lamp on the ground behind me. I took photo after photo, trying to get the right angle, framing, etc. I shot in b&w and then did some fun stuff afterward, like adding the blue tint and the soft glow and darkening the silhouette just a bit more.

Amy Beth <> 4:01 PM  

CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for you! What a great picture. That will def. be a keepsake for years to come!

Amy Beth

tetsu 11:27 PM  

Beautiful silhouette!

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