You can run, but you can't hide...from Junebug


Suyog 11:10 PM  

Hey this one is real cute! Like the fact that the colour of the eyes matches that of the box.

Jacqueline Hudson 10:48 AM  

Thats really cute. like that its a Sierra Mist box. :D

tracey 11:04 AM  

Junebug is hilarious. For some reason she loves getting in these boxes, even though she barely fits anymore! Casey coaxed her through with the yarn while I stood at the ready with the camera. It was just a great moment.

EMA 10:57 AM  

i like Junebug! Is this a girl cat? (Thats what she said!

tracey 11:00 AM  

Yes, Junebug is a female. We had a male not long ago, Toby, and he was much more even-tempered and sweet than Junies! =)

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