Shovel handle

Shovel and mud


cogentnotion 5:40 PM  

Oh, to be first!!! (muffled giggles escape from the background.) That shovel sure wasn't. Or maybe it was and well loved and that's why it glories in it the mud! (Can you tell I feel compelled to keep up with _my_ first post??) Again with the giggles - J.

cogentnotion 5:41 PM  

Just an aside regarding my low level of typing ability today - tired would be the word - :) J.

cogentnotion 5:43 PM  

And now third as well, Bronze, Silver and Gold!! I couldn't resist, I know, now I'm annoying, but oh well, I figure that's me in a nutshell anyways ;) J.

tracey 8:33 AM  

Julie, I will add to your list so you don't have to feel alone. You are hilarious! Did you want to say much about the photos? =)

G N Bassett 4:09 PM  

Very Nice!!!

I never would have thought of a shovel shot. Very earthy. (ha ha ha)

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